Rupam combines her expertise as a Holistic Health Counselor, Herbalist, and Light Therapy Practitioner with her 20 year professional experience as an R.D.A. in general and pediatric dentistry.
Rupam comes from a family heritage of herbalists, medicine makers and pharmacists reaching back 13 generations. At a very young age she traveled and lived in India, gaining experience in meditation and eastern approaches to the "inner world". She feels passionate about sharing processes, tools and information to empower others on their path of self-healing.
Rupam interacts with people around many different issues and life situations including addictions, women's issues, relationships and sexuality, and general physical and emotional concerns.
Rupam is available for consultations and speaking engagements, and leads workshops and seminars.

Listen to Rupam on the Herbal Highway Show, KPFA Radio interview June 24, 2010 (58 Min)

Rupam has been featured on KPFA's radio program, About Health January 2, 2006.

You can write Rupam at: 15 Castle Hill Court, Vallejo CA 94591

or e-mail at:

Testimonials for Swedish Bitters After root planning at my dental office, my gums were terribly inflamed and sore the next day….drinking and eating was impossible! I applied Swedish Bitters every hour and to my absolute amazement my gums were healed that night!
Dorle T.( Germany)

Testimonial for Sweet Dreams Drambui
I have had such vivid and symbolic dreams that I fully remember after waking up; dreams that are truly revealing about my inner state and the issues that trouble me! I took Sweet Dreams to help me sleep and didn't expect this wonderful "side effect" ! Not only do I sleep thru the night, I now remember dreams, which I have never been able to before. Amazing!
Keala, Maui
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